A must-have! Used it on my husband's feet and the skin on his toes and heals are so much better! He doesn't have diabetes, it's just the only thing for sore, dry feet that we found works so well!

--The good wife

I've never had ANYTHING work on psoriasis! THIS DOES! I use it on any cut, scrape, bug bite or unknown irritation on my skin and best of all, it doesn't smell! Anything perfume or otherwise makes me sneeze and gives me headaches! PERFECT product.


I am so grateful to Brigit True Organics. My baby had extreme eczema during his first year. I was struggling trying to find a product. Brigit is the only producer of olive oil based non scented baby products I could find. The products I tried from France and Greece had numerous fragrances in their olive oil based products. I wash our clothes in Brigit products and no longer use detergents. My baby's eczema has been cleared since we switched to Brigit True Organic. Also worth noting the customer service is superior. When there was an error they immediately remedied the problem. I usually never take the time to leave feedback but with this company is so worthy they deserve recognition and others should be made aware of the quality of their products and the positive difference it will make in their skincare.


I use this [Red] lip balm every morning before work. Gives your natural lip color a little kick with a red tint! Smells a little funky though.


Great sun lotion for great skin. I love the sun and hate commercial sunscreens. I love this product: my skin is protected and moisturized.


AWESOME [bar soap Lavender round] Love the lavender in this soap! Feels clean, non irritating to sensitive skin and doesn't dry my skin out like other soaps I've tried at the local health food store or online stores.


Nothing like it! Diabeticae Foot cream is worth the price! A little bit goes a long way. My favorite foot cream I've ever tried.


Got this for my mom, then had to get one for myself! Great gift! My mom loved it! (so did I!)


Skin balm. Excellent for skin injuries esp. Bruises


LOVE THIS PRODUCT [Red Lip Balm]!! I originally ordered the honey & peppermint lip balms, but received this as a gift with my order (SO nice). I initially hesitated ordering this product because I was afraid the 'red tint' would be too severe. As a self-proclaimed 'lip balm aficionado', I've tried my fair share of tinted lip balms & have always been disappointed. But not this time!! This is my new favorite lip balm! It gives your lips just the perfect shade of red! It looks completely natural....YOUR lips, yet better! I am fair skinned with light hair & could not be happier with this product! I will most definitely be ordering more of this!!


unbelievably soothing

--ed hurts

Crazy good! Magic skin balm works!

--the dude

Magic Skin Balm: I have kids with allergies/eczema. This is the only product I can use on them and they don't complain about it. Other products burn or don't work. They let me put this on them every time!!


I was introduced to Brigit True Organics in 2010, my boyfriend's Aunt, who we were visiting in [ ], bought me a tube of Magic Skin balm. That summer my lip was badly sunburned which lead to a bad outbreak of cold sores. The Magic Skin balm worked fabulously-- now I use it anytime I feel a cold sore coming on because it heals quickly meaning less pain. I've used other alternatives (e.g., Abreva) and nothing has worked nearly as good as the Magic Skin balm--I love it! Thanks, again!


GREEN TEA Castile Body Wash It's chemical free. I just used it. It leaves my skin soft and not dry. Most of organic shampoos or body gel are not free of harmful chemicals. This product is chemical free. Thank you!

--MI (via amazon))

Calendula Oil: Best Product Ever! Love it and hope Brigit never stops making this product! I tried mineral oil with Calendula, but it just sat on my skin, without actually moisturizing it or creating any healing. Brigit True Organics Calendula Oil works!

--Sand S. via Amazon

Great! I used this (Calendula Oil, 2 fl. oz) is DIY recipe for lotion. It was great and still have some left over for more stuff. March 17, 2013

--Kristie J. G. via Amazon

Superb for dry skin, Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream "Orange". Great product for dry skin. My cuticles are usually dry & will start to crack if not moisturized with a good cream.It is oily, which I think is excellent for dry skin as it won't sink in and disappear leaving your skin still dry & cracking, but you only need a little as it goes a long way. I use it at night before going to bed, & I add a tiny bit of natures gate organic lotion to add creaminess. It is a bit expensive (ok, a lot expensive) but worth it as you get a quality product.

--Donna D., NJ via Amazon

Rose Castile Body Wash: Beautiful smell; squeaky clean. This soap leaves my skin completely clean but not dry- soft and hydrated even in the winter. I mostly use this as a face cleanser; it's absolutely gentle enough for it and you can feel good about it because it's organic. It doesn't hurt that it smells like a sweet, summer time rose.

--Dani W. via Amazon

Excellent, Magic stick does a magic! It heals many problem. Very useful. I hope it has a store in HK so I can easily buy. [yes, 'Organic Times' in HK carries Magic Balm, BTO sales]

--kielolo, Hong Kong

It really is magic, especially for people with Rosacea!, I've used the magic balm on my face for a while now - I have Rosacea, and my skin is very, very sensitive to all sorts of creams. This stuff really is magic! I use it in place of a moisturizer at night (it leaves my face a bit shiny, so I don't use it in the morning), and my skin is less red, has fewer bumps, and no longer looks like I have acne. It also makes bumps and irritations less noticeable, and I've used it on spots on my face, and they go away in less than two days. I really love this product, and recommend it to all my friends. I had a friend with a disastrous facial, that left irritated bumps all over her chin - I gave her a small stick of the magic balm, and they were gone in a day or so (and she's African-American, with very sensitive skin).

--Bedingfield, VA via Amazon

The Magic that Heals! I received a sample of Magic Skin Balm in my June 2012 Green Grab Bag, and I have to say, it has quickly become one of my "go to" products. What exactly is the Magic Stick? Per the card that came with the product, "Use Magic Balm on any skin ailment that can benefit from moisture and healing." The site suggests it be applied to skin irritations, bites, burns, bruises, scars, eczema, psoriasis." The day before I received this Magic Skin Balm, one of my cats "accidentally" scratched my arm while jumping from my lap. (Yeah, not sure how that happened, but it did!) The scratch was scabbed over, but it hurt and was swollen. When I opened up Green Grab Bag and saw this product, I thought, "Ah HA! I know exactly what to use it for!" I opened it, rubbed it on the scratch, and went about playing with the rest of my products. That night before going to bed, I applied some more. By morning, my scratch had healed immensely. The swelling had abated. I continued to use it, and it really helped the healing process along. Now I use it on every scrape and bruise I get. [ ] it might seem a little pricey, but believe me, you will get your money's worth with this product - and then some!

--Pamelicious of NV via Amazon

I have been using the Calendula Oil every night, and the Magic Skin Balm every morning for the eczema on my feet, since buying the oil 2 weeks ago. I've had eczema on my feet ALL of my life - mostly during the summer when it occasionally bleeds or oozes. My better half bought the balm from a vendor last year - it took months for me to use it and - voila - my skin healed almost overnight! The 3 meds worked magically for about 2 weeks - then stopped and my skin seemed to get worse. I've been using the balm for months, and the oil for 2 weeks, and I'm amazed at the healing properties. Plus, the Magic Skin Balm stops itching instantly. Great product especially if you have stubborn skin problems!

--C'est Moi "It's Me" of Northern VA (via Amazon)

Nice! I love the lemon scent. The Lemon Aloe wash is a very nice clean feeling lemon scented skin wash that leaves your skin fresh and clean. Love this product. It's mild so it won't irritate your skin. I have sensitive skin and it isn't overdrying.


I love this product. (Red lip balm) It doesn't smell fake and fruity, has a lovely red tint, darker than Burt's Bees and such a good quality to it. I had no idea it was based in Charlottesville, VA, so I am happy to know it is local. Great product, definitely would recommend!

--AHE (via amazon)

Thank goddess for this product! (Red Lip Balm) This is a fantastic product. Like the other reviewer, I've been looking for years for the right lip product. I've finally found it! This is very moisturizing and smooth, and has enough tint to accent your lips without making them look phony. And it's mica-free! I find mica to be very drying and abrasive in lip products, and I don't like the unnatural way it makes my lips look, either. This is the first natural tinted lip balm I've found that doesn't contain it. I'm going to buy plenty more, and keep a tube in my pocket at all times.

--Moonmama, TX (via Amazon)

Red Lip Balm: Perfect sheer color and moisture. For thirty-five years, I searched for the perfect lip balm. I wanted something easy to use that would give me moisture and just enough color to make my lips look like themselves, but darker. This is it. This lip balm goes on so, so smooth and leaves just the right amount of red - lips look bitten and plump. And the people at Brigit True Organics are the epitome of kind and helpful customer service representatives. They notified me of every step in my order process, shipped my lip balms right away, [] .They are awesome and so are their products!!

--Veritas "Veritas" of Texas (via amazon)

Baby Bottom Balm This diaper cream works well - It can cure rashes and prevents them when used regularly. The best part is, it is made of all natural and organic ingredients. The only ingredient that I did not like much is the zinc oxide because I do not know if it is nano sized or not [non-nano, we don't use any nano particles, BTO formulator]. However, it seems like the critical ingredient to prevent diaper rash. I tried a few other all- natural creams without zinc oxide and they all ended up useless against diaper rash.

--Sibel K. via Amazon

Great Stuff (Baby Bottom Balm) Not only is this the fastest working rash ointment in our arsenal of infant products, but I noticed it even helped with some eczema and contact dermititis issues I was having on my hands.

--J.R. Langhorne, PA (via amazon)

Baby Bottom Balm. Crazy Good. My son had the worst diaper rash. No matter what we did or what we used, it did not get any better. This cream started working right away and healed his rash very quickly. We started calling it "miracle cream" in our house. It works for healing an already bad situation, as well as preventing further problems... a really really really good product.

--artistmamma (via amazon)

I have been buying this soap [Harry large] for years and it is one of the best I have found. The unscented variety is truly unscented and the soap has a good feel when using it. Shipping is always quick and the product is consistent.

--James S., California (via amazon)

Natural - Effective - Non-irritating This review is for: Unscented Castile Soap large I highly recommend this soap. It has only 2 ingredients--saponified extra virgin olive oil and filtered water. It is effective, non-irritating, and non-drying to skin. I have not been able to find another bar soap on the market that is as safe and effective and contains as few ingredients. [ ]

--GingahCakes (via Amazon)

BRIGIT TRUE ORGANIX MAGIC SKIN BALM**keep up the good work! I just couldnt wait to get this stuff! I came across it thru a friend a few years ago []. This Magic Skin Balm is good for ANY TYPE OF SKIN AILMENT! U name it,MSB makes it better!! Honestly I'm kinda suprised it doesnt have a $back guarantee lol! I WOULD ABSOLUTELY SUGGEST THIS PRODUCT/seller to anyone! Thanx2Brigit

--Marcy (via amazon)

When I reported last April on my first couple of weeks of experience with Magic Balm on a 15 year-old spider bite, I promised to follow up with more details. I could see progress in those first weeks, but I could not project the amount of time it would take to assimilate all of the scar tissue. As I reported, I was applying the Balm twice daily, morning and night. That process has been continued now for about ten months, and steady but slow progress has continued to be visible. I can now project that it will take maybe about two more months to complete the process. I estimate the use of about three of the small jars of Magic Balm over the ten months. I find that Balm does not have much impact on old scars where the skin has been discolored but it does work on scar tissue.

--Don Patterson

Truly magical I was surprised at the effectiveness of this balm. I put it on two little dry spots I have on my arms every winter. They usually last several months no matter what I apply to them. After just one application the dry spots had vanished! No other balm has ever achieved this result. I'm recommending it to everybody with light eczema.

--Diane B

I discovered your Magic Stick while visiting Charlottesville, VA and stopping into a pharmacy for a chapstick. Instead, I purchased the Magic Stick and used that on my lips. Then I used it on any other ailment that came up. Now I use it on my daughter any time she bumps or bruises or cuts or scrapes herself. It is MAGIC. I have personally handed it out to friends and family, also co-workers, for years now. THANK YOU for making this absolutely amazing product! (Last night I gave it to the neighbor!)

--Amanda Kearney

I was given a sample of the Magic Balm a few years ago and I am hooked! I don't ever need to buy anything for mosquito bites, cuts, scrapes, itchy bug bites ever again. I even put this on my dog's cuts and scratches. My neice will only use the "magic stuff" on her cuts and itchy skin now when bugs bite. Nothing else works/worked! This is a product that I will continue to buy as long as it's sold! LOVE IT!


I have had a dry patch of flaking skin on the palm of my hand since I was 10. Doctors have diagnosed it as many things from psoriasis to excema, to just plain contact dermatitis. They've prescribed all kinds of creams and ointments to no avail. I've tried hundreds of over the counter, herbal, organic, and just plain homegrown remedies. Nothing has ever worked. Yesterday I received the organic magic balm stick, and within a few hours I noticed more results than I've seen in years! I can see my hand! It hasn't even been a full 24 hours and I can see the deep cracks in my skin begin to heal. I am so thrilled to finally find a product that works! Thank you so much!

--T. Patmore

I have been using your organic olive oil hand cream for less than a week and it has already stopped the cuts and bleeding on my hands from the cold and dryness which were worse this winter than ever before. All of my old standby creams failed.

--Patricia Fox

...I will be going on vacation next weekend and want to make sure I have it [Magic Balm]. Thank God for your gift. This is the only thing that completely heals my eczema. I will order some more in the future my niece and the diabeticae for my Mom. I love your products! Keep doing what you do!

--Kenya Brown

ich bin begeistert , denn die Seife hilft mir meine Haut straff und geschmeidig zu halten. Die Creme "SHEA BUTTER" ist besser als manche Lotion Ich danke dem Team TRANSLATION: [I am excited because the soap helps me to keep my skin firm and supple. The cream SHEA BUTTER is better than some lotion I thank the team]


I bought the rose shea butter last summer in Charlottesville, and have loved it beyond measure! I just ordered the honey lip balm (yellow top) and it's superb -- soft on the lips and smells wonderful, like warm honey. I also purchased the "rejuvenating hand cream" and love it, too. Just can't say enough good things about these products! There is not a better-smelling rose scent out there. Thank you, Brigit!

--Liz from NC

I wanted to tell you I love using your bar soap on my hair followed by the organic apple cider vinegar rinse. My hair is so soft and perfect.

--Andrea Cook

"Sensual" perfectly describes the intoxicating aroma of the Massage and Body Oil. I use it directly after showering and always receive compliments on the fragrance by men and women. They ask for the perfume name, and are surprised it is a pure, organic body oil.


My sister introduced me to your balm product about 2 years ago. I didn't have reason to use it until recently when I received 2nd degree burns on my left hand and upper torso. I have been using it on my hand and am looking forward to using it on the rest, (the PT has just started using it on the healed upper torso part) of the wound and measures it weekly. Will let you know of the progress but the hand has healed and is getting original color back quickly.

--Ron Lawing

I am obsessed with your "Mom's Belly Balm!" Prior to using it, I had been switching off between other organic belly balms and thought I was happy with them, until my sister sent me yours in the mail. I can no longer use any other! I love just how easily it rolls on and I could not believe how amazing it makes my skin feel. I am 6 1/2 months pregnant and my stomach looks beautiful, feels amazing and has not itched at all. i don't think it felt this wonderful before my pregnancy! I was so impressed with the quality of your product that I just had to find your site to try some others. Thank you!!!

--Melissa C.

I did a lot of online searching before I found a company that truly offers organic. LOVE your products, thank you for your time on the phone today ~ I am sensitive to both fragrance & many oils/botanicals - a lip balm with only organic olive oil is a great option for people like me :)


Absolutely love the foot cream! It's non-greasy and heals/repairs overnight -- the best ever. My mother and grandmother are recent converts -- thanks so much for offering such a wonderful product.


I went into Whole Foods yesterday with extremely dry, cracked hands, hoping I would be able to find a hand cream that worked for me (I'd already tried several, including a prescription product). Your hand cream was recommended to me by one of the staff members, so I gave it a shot. I've been using it for only one day and my hands are completely transformed. This is the only thing that's worked for me. Your cream has saved my hands!


Thank you for your wonderful product,Organic Shea Butter Solid Lotion ( Rose). Protected skin from this harsh winter. Lovely scent. I found your website and am ordering more of your products. Thank you

--toni larcinese

Thank you for your wonderful product, Organic Shea Butter [and] Solid Lotion ( Rose). Protected skin from this harsh winter. Lovely scent. I found your website and am ordering more of your products. Thank you

--toni larcinese

I've been meaning to tell you : I was a cherry petroleum based chapstick addict for 30 years and it wasn't until I started using your red chapstick [Lip balm] that I was finally able to beat my addiction and permanently switch to something organic. THANK YOU !

--Liz from Charlottesville

The skin on my face was so dry that it actually cracked, under my eye. Touching that part of my face, even by accident cause me a lot of pain. I used your Magic Skin balm under on it and the next morning the crack was just a line! Awesome, awesome product.


I have the driest lips ever to grace this planet. By this time of the year, they're a mess. Fortunately, I happened upon some of your lip balm. The olive oil, I think, is what does the trick. And there's no unnatural smell. Altogether a wonderful product, and I'll be picking up several more to give out in my gift packs this year. Thank you so much for saving my lips.

--Melissa Chappell Burns, Esq.

Hi there! I love organic soap, and love your site!

--Mark Golding

I just had to write to tell you how great the magic stick is! I am a runner and often have chafing from my running bra and water belt. It is so uncomfortable and takes forever to heal, not to mention the scars the running bra can leave! Your magic stick heals the chafing within 48 hours - it is amazing!! I can't live without it!

--Lee Malecki

I just wanted to tell you personally that I am in love with your products. Seriously, every one I have tried has been amazing. Right now I'm hooked on your Magic Stick Skin Balm, which I use as chapstick and on cuts, etc. My lips are very prone to serious cracking/bleeding, and it usually sticks around for weeks no matter what I use to treat them. But the Magic Stick just cured them within 24 hours like it was nothing, and I've been using it ever since. I also scar super easily, and it's helping with that, too. Your Protecting and Rejuvenating Hand Cream (Moisturizers) is also lovely. Really moisturizing and sweet smelling (every time I put it on people sniff the air and ask what the great smell is). Anyway, I don't know how often you hear feedback, so I wanted to say fantastic job! I’ll be a lifelong customer. Warm Regards,

--Robin Walton

...we started riding the Mustang, Raina... turned a little skittish like and hit the back of my knee, knocking the kneecap out. Last time I had the kneecap knocked out, it was 6 weeks in a serious knee brace and the time before that, in a cast. So, knowing how long these things take to heal, I was very annoyed to think I would be off my feet 3 months! Searching the internet to see about exercises, treatments and remedies, all said ice and rest for at least two weeks. Five days into this, I suddenly thought of magic balm, slathered magic balm on my knee, and the next morning the knee swelling was down, and I could actually walk on it. Kept putting the magic balm on twice and three times a day. It's been two weeks last Tuesday, I did this September 1st, and yesterday I could walk down stairs fairly normally. This morning I walked up the stairs, forgetting I had ever dislocated my knee! Yes, I am still taking it easy... strengthening, resting (OK, not so much, but still..) and taking the vitamins. But it is the Magic Balm that was the turning point! It has cut off at least 7 weeks off recovery time! Usually, 6 weeks in a brace and 4-6 weeks rehab! I figure I'll be riding again next week!


Just a note, my husband cut a piece of his finger off on a chimney cap July 4th weekend. As if you would slice the top of your finger off, he sliced a piece off from the side (it was still hanging on the top of the chimney cap). Some of the guys wanted to take him to the emergency room, as it had cut so far into the finger, the tendon was exposed. I knew they could glue the piece back on, but it was risky and the chance of infection very high these days in the hospitals. So, I packed it, blood and all, with magic balm, wrapped it, changed the bandage every day for a week and repacked it with the balm. Three weeks later, the hole in the side of the finger was just a dent and now it is barely a noticable scar. Comfrey root is amazing. Thanks for your great product, saved me a day in the emergency room!

--Linda R.

My ... bra caused a horrible skin rash which turned into huge fluid filled blisters that covered my whole right breast, my arm and under arm and part of my back. The blisters turned into wounds with scabs. This hurt like bloody hell for 3 weeks and still hurts. I could not wear clothes. The web sites about this said formaldihyde gas was coming out of the bra ... Your Magic Balm saved my life. It is healing my wounds and stopping the pain. The web sites say the blisters cause scarring but I think Magic Balm will prevent that. With deepest gratitude I Thank You . I can never fully express how good this product is and I will never be with out it.

--Eugenia Potter Kubota

Hello- My father has been using the Diabeticae foot cream. He says that out of all the creams he has used in the past this is the only one that soothes his feet and legs and feels no pain. I was wondering you distribute this product in New York City area and can provide a store listing of where I can get it. He ran out of it and I would like to head to the store to purchase few jars. Thank you for producing an excellent product that actually works! Ruth

--Ruth Vasquez

hi, i buy your soaps, unscented hand creme, citrus shea butter(thank you for using glass vs plastic jars!) and lip balm. thank you for making such lovely organic products! when i travel, i try to find hotels that are as 'organic' as possible (food, sheets, bedding, bath products, windows that actually open and such). could you please tell me which hotels put your products in bathrooms for guests? i would prefer to use those hotels/resorts/B&Bs on the theory that if they care enough to provide your organic soaps for guests, all else must be great quality as well. thanks. marilyn

--Marilyn McMichael

Hi, I buy your soaps, unscented hand creme, citrus shea butter (thank you for using glass vs plastic jars!) and lip balm. thank you for making such lovely organic products! When I travel, I try to find hotels that are as 'organic' as possible (food, sheets, bedding, bath products, windows that actually open and such). could you please tell me which hotels put your products in bathrooms for guests? i would prefer to use those hotels/resorts/B&Bs on the theory that if they care enough to provide your organic soaps for guests, all else must be great quality as well. thanks. marilyn

--Marilyn McMichael

I am still using your [Diabeticae Foot Cream] and my Dr. actually was raving about it last time I saw her (this was last week). She is the one that actually has diabetes. She had an episode and it was your cream that soothed and calmed the problem.

--Susan in OR

I bought the rose shea butter last summer in Charlottesville, and have loved it beyond measure! I just ordered the honey lip balm (yellow top) and it's superb -- soft on the lips and smells wonderful, like warm honey. I also purchased the "rejuvenating hand cream" and love it, too. Just can't say enough good things about these products! There is not a better-smelling rose scent out there. Thank you, Brigit!

--Liz in NC

I was given a gift set for christmas last year. I just opened it to use on my hands. I work in a resaturant and I am constantly washing my hands and they have progressively gotten dryer. I used the olive oil hand cream, and it cleared up the dryness and made them very very smooth. Thank you for making such a great product.

--Robyn Staffan

I received some [...] Diabeticae products from Brigit True Organics some time back, and have been meaning to mention my experience. They’re extremely pleasant to use, and while not curative (type 2 diabetes is not currently curable), they offer palliative care. The one I’ve used most is the foot cream, and if you’re a diabetic, you might want to give it a go. It feels good, it smells good, and it seems to help my feet and shins feel better.

--LeisureGuy, Daily life

...I have sucessfully used your lavender soap and peppermint oil soap. LOVE them. I use them on my hair daily, and have been very pleased.

--Mary Judge

Heck, you guys make the finest dang soap ever! I use the "Harry" on my hair, as a shampoo and it's great, but the Magic is the Bomb! [Balm]. I put it on mosquito bites and no itch, I put it on scrapes and they heal overnight, I put it on scars and they slowly fade, I put it on burns and they don't even get red or blisters! AMAZING!

--Jon Mark, Bethesda, MD

I recently had the eyelid surgery (not Lasik) but where they lift the eyebrow and cut out the extra skin flap that makes the eyelid droop. Your MAGIC BALM is FANSTASTIC!!! I’ve used it ever since I finished the prescription provided by my doctor. I’ve been raving about this to everyone! Thank you for such a wonderful product!! And yes, by all means, use any comment I made that will help your business! I’m tempted to give it for Christmas presents!

--Pamela, Charlottesville, VA

My chiropractor in CT, Dr. Paul Szwez has an amazing man working for him, David Wooley. David is very knowledgable in organics and healing. They use homopathic remedies. David referred me to comfrey root. I spent days looking for a compound that had comfrey as a main ingredient and found your "Magic Balm" in a health food store in Bonita, FL. When four horses were chased through a barbed wire fence by a stallion, and the vet was on a "routine barn call" and would be at least two hours - never did show up, by the way - I put Magic on the leg which was cut to the tendons, and all the other gashes. To make a longer story short, the "Magic Balm" healed the leg and gashes.

--Linda, Estero,FL

I wanted to let you know that some customers were in the store tonight, talking with me about your product. They had bought Magic Balm for their son when he broke his ribs because they'd heard about the healing properties of comfrey. They said that it healed his ribs in 2 weeks. I thought you'd like to know that.

--Tara, Whole Foods Market, VA

I wanted to let you know how amazing and healing I have found the magic stick to be. This past Thursday I took a nasty spill on my bike and bruised my cheek and chin, split my lip, along with some road rash across my chin and face. After 3 days of using the magic stick the bruises are completely healed, the lip is almost healed, and the road rash is almost gone. I have also used the product on scars and burns, but this past weekend was really what I had to write about. Thank you for such an amazing product. Please feel free to post this on your website if you deem it appropriate.

--Karen, Boulder CO